Important info

Important information 

This information was developed to help you better understand our role and what is expected

What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is an independent insurance expert who handles insurance claims on behalf of their clients. Clients hire a Public Adjuster to represent their claim to maximize the chances of getting the full amount as stipulated in the agreement. Some clients will turn to a Public Adjuster when their insurance company has underpaid or denied a payout at all. The Public Adjuster will then examine the contract and establish exactly what is due to the client and pursue the claim with the insurance company. A competent Public Adjuster will secure the amount agreed in the contract.

-Represents the interests of clients against the insurance company.
-Assists clients in claims relating to damage or loss to property or personal items following, fire, flood, hurricanes, crime etc.
-Typically charge 10-20% of the payout amount on a no win/no fee basis.

Why you should you should Contact a Public Adjuster within 48 Hours

Whilst many people recognize the importance of using a Public Adjuster, they don’t always understand that it is crucial to contact one within 48 hours of the damage/incident occurring. What the policy holder does in the first 48 hours can have major implications in terms of how much can be claimed and what the insurance company is liable for. If you call a Public Adjuster within 48 hours, they can:

  • Inform the policy holder about how to proceed in the current situation
  • Advise on what happens next in term of the claim process
  • Assists the policy holder in fulfilling the “duties in event of loss” as stipulated in in the policy contract
  • Assists with required efforts to mitigate the damage
  • Preserves evidence of damage and photographically documents the damage to aid the claim
  • Advises on best practice for mitigation and rescue services (to reduce costs)
  • Advises on hiring contractors only when full costs are known and arranged to be paid for by the insurance company
  • Can advise on temporary accommodation in case of severe damage to the home

The value of a Pubic Adjuster lies in their knowledge of the claims process. There are several things that can happen following damage that can and will limit the amount you receive – a Public Adjuster will make sure these pitfalls are avoided. Acting as an independent advisor whose interests align completely with the policy holder, a Public Adjuster will act entirely and exclusively for the client which is why many people turn to them. A Public Adjuster can secure many thousands of dollars extra in insurance payouts.

Understand What an Insurance Company does

The reality is that insurance companies need to limit the amount they pay out to their clients. If they can pay less, they will. There are several avenues through which they will try to do it. It is not necessarily illegal, but homeowners should be prepared and fully informed to make sure their carrier is fulfilling their contractual obligations.

It’s your responsibility to prove coverage and to prove your damages.

After a loss, you have a duty to submit an estimate of your damages based upon realistic, discernible facts. You also have a duty to comply with your post loss obligations and conditions contained within your policy which include, submitting requested documents, submitting to an examination under oath, cooperating with the insurance company’s investigation and submitting a proof of loss.

If you fail to comply with your duties and conditions or to assert your claim for damages in an intelligible manner, acceptable by your insurer, your claim will be paid the minimal amount or worse, your claim will be denied.

Your insurance company may be betting that you will not be able to prove your claim properly and that you will rely upon their company or independent adjusters who may minimize your settlement or deny your claim.