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Our Public Adjusters in Parkland Florida are ready to represent you!

Parkland Florida is a great place for families to live. Good schools and nice neighborhoods help make up the park-like character of this city. Many families purchase homes in this area when looking for a peaceful place to live. However what happens when those homes or places of business end up becoming damaged? And the worst part is having to deal with insurance companies who cannot live up to the expectations they set. That is where we come in. Our Parkland Florida public adjusters have helped thousands of people recover millions of dollars in property damage claims and we can help you too 

Why you should use a Public Adjuster.

If you are dealing with property damage and intend to file a claim with your insurance provider, you need to know what the value of your claim is. Your insurance provider may offer an appropriate settlement or it might focus on minimizing their losses by denying your claim or offering a low settlement.

How we help

When it comes to making an insurance claim following damage to your home, home owners are always at a significant disadvantage. A lack of expertise can mean that homeowners to do not claim the full amount they are legally entitled to claim, and in many cases are not in a position to challenge under-payment or non-payment. Given the desperate circumstances often experienced following disasters like fire, flooding or hurricanes, many homeowners are left vulnerable and ill-equipped to get what is due to them. A Public Adjuster can secure the full policy amount.

Here at Amloss, we are prepared to help you with any type of claim

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