Cast Iron Pipes

If your home is built with outdated cast iron piping then you may be eligible for a settlement from your insurance company

Cast Iron Pipes

Many homes built in the 1970's were made with a cast iron piping system. The problem however, is that due to the chemicals we often put down the sink such as dish washing liquid, bleach or soap can actually cause these pipes to rust out and break.

Cast iron piping is an outdated piping method, but many homeowners are stuck in homes that still use this type of piping. Replacing all the pipes in the home can be a big and expensive job and many home owners simply cannot make the plunge. Houses built with cast iron piping can be harmful to your home, health and wallet.

Can you answer yes to any of the following?


  • Was your house built before 1975?
  • Do you have cast iron pipes?
  • Have you ever had a toilet overflow, sink overflow, burst pipe or other water damage?
  • Have you heard gurgling after a load of laundry or long shower?
  • Does your toilet flush slower than it used to or need multiple flushes?
  • Have you noticed an increase in roach sightings and general random bad smells?
  • Do you have any settlement cracks?


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We can help you!

Our adjusters have years of experience in adjusting damage claims and getting our clients the right settlements for their property. Even if your cast iron piping system is not damaged already, we can still help you get the right settlement which can help give you a piece a mind. Our adjusters will fight for on your behalf to make sure that you will not have to be a victim of having to deal with the issues that come along with an outdated piping system. 

Our business was built upon making sure that property owners do not get taken advantage of by insurance companies. Often times, property owners are unaware of that fact that they can be entitled to compensation if their home was built with cast iron piping.  We like to educate our clients on knowing what they deserve. We have recovered millions of dollars in property damage claims for property owners and we can help you too.

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Waiting until you see a problem can be more harmful, because by then your home may have already encountered extensive damage. Don't let you or your home become a victim to an outdated piping system. Give us a call today and we can make sure that future headaches and expensive repair bills never happen. Our adjusters are ready to get you the settlement you deserve