Success Stories

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I had a burst pipe in my kitchen and did not file a claim with my insurance company, Homeowners Choice, because they told me the loss wasn’t covered. A few months after the incident, I was contacted by Jacob Pollock P.A. through a random mailer. I signed up with Mr. Pollock and within 3 months he got me over $14.000 for my damages. Great job Jacob, thank you.
Margaret R
We suffered terrible flooding at our office in July, 2015. The flood was caused by a broken pipe in the office above ours. I contacted a Public Adjuster referred to me by my real estate networking group and asked him to handle the claim for me. After a couple of weeks the Public Adjuster sent me an email saying that he reviewed my insurance policy and took it to 3 different law firms but my loss wasn’t covered because I didn’t own the building. Since I knew Jacob Pollock was a Public Adjuster and also had a law degree, I asked him to review my claim. Jacob spent a few days reviewing our 100 plus page policy and went through it with a fine-toothed comb. Somehow, Jacob found a provision in the policy that would allow us to be covered. I was very skeptical because 3 law firms had told us we didn’t have coverage, but Jacob asked me trust him. After about 30 days and some hardball negotiations between Jacob and the insurance company, we received our policy limits. It amazes me that Jacob Pollock and Amloss were able to get us policy limits after 3 law firms said we had no case. I am extremely grateful.
Annika T
I received a letter from Jacob Pollock PA after we experienced damage following heavy rain. My roof was leaking badly and I had nothing to lose, so I called him. We filed a claim but Citizens Insurance refused, stating we were at fault. Jake reassured us and made a commitment to pursuing our claim. After 30 days, Jacob got the money I was entitled to. I felt so fortunate to receive the money because I was behind on my mortgage payments. With the money Jacob got me, I paid off my mortgage. Now I own my house outright. Thank you Jacob.
Mary L
In July, 2015 I filed a claim with my insurance company for water damage to my ceiling. They paid me around $2000 to cover the damages. This wasn’t enough to fix anything. I contacted Jacob Pollock at AMLoss Claims & Arbitration and within 21 days he had settled my claim for an extra $20.000! When Jacob told me about the settlement, I could not believe it. Thank you Jacob, we will always use your services in future if we experience any further damage to our home.
Eula W