Take a look at some recent settlements that we got for your neighbors!

In Fort Lauderdale

Annette AFort Lauderdale$30,000.00
Bruce WFort Lauderdale$37,784.00
Bruce DFort lauderdale$40,000.00
Carrie FFort Lauderdale$30,000.00
Christopher WFort Lauderdale$30,000.00
Elizabeth Ffort lauderdale$54,000.00
Eunice RFort Lauderdale$40,000.00
Fernando Nfort lauderdale$30,000.00
Ganel AFort Lauderdale$30,000.00
Gary MFort Lauderdale$30,000.00
Jarrett LFort Lauderdale$15,000.00
Karush JFort Lauderdale$26,000.00
Kendal SFort Lauderdale$149,602.00
Pamela GFort Lauderdale$30,000.00
Stanley JFort Lauderdale$55,000.00
David RFt Lauderdale$30,000.00
Earl BFt Lauderdale$30,000.00
Michael AFt Lauderdale$10,000.00
Ryan GFt Lauderdale$30,000.00
Ajama  BFt. Lauderdale$16,500.00
Cedelia SFt. Lauderdale$30,000.00
Cheryl TFt. Lauderdale$10,000.00
Danielle MFt. Lauderdale$30,000.00
Edilbert DFt. Lauderdale$10,000.00
Genoa JFt. Lauderdale$30,000.00
Gerhard TFt. Lauderdale$51,000.00
Hedi MFt. Lauderdale$30,000.00
Miller SFt. Lauderdale$15,000.00
Nellie HFt. Lauderdale$30,000.00
Russi TFt. Lauderdale$30,000.00
St. GFt. Lauderdale$5,600.00

In Hollywood

Cardell FHollywood$42,500.00
Claude LHollywood$30,000.00
Damian AHollywood$49,727.00
Duilio SHollywood$48,000.00
Emiro MHollywood$30,000.00
Jean C.Ghollywood$27,068.00
Jensen BHollywood$30,000.00
Jesse HHollywood$30,000.00
Louis AHollywood$30,000.00
Margalit DHollywood$30,000.00
Migdalia PHollywood$30,000.00
Sharmane BHollywood$12,500.00
Shawn WHollywood$30,000.00
Theodore RHollywood$47,500.00
Tyra CHollywood$30,000.00
Vincent BHollywood$33,000.00

In Pompano Beach

Cinderella PPompano Beach$30,000.00
Darrell sPompano Beach$30,000.00
Godwin OPompano Beach$30,000.00
Gregory MPompano Beach$30,000.00
Hesper MPompano Beach$30,000.00
Judith RPompano Beach$30,000.00
Kevin GPompano Beach$50,000.00
Mario DPompano Beach$44,500.00
Reginald DPompano Beach$70,212.00
Robert RPompano Beach$4,260.00
Sabrina MPompano Beach$30,000.00
Samuel PPompano Beach$30,000.00
Taralisa MPompano Beach$30,000.00
Tracey BPompano Beach$30,000.00

In Miami

Cassandra CMiami$30,000.00
Cecial B.LMiami$30,000.00
Jewell PMiami$30,000.00
Joe LMiami$30,000.00
Josue CMiami$30,000.00
Kenneth RMiami$30,000.00
Marlene MMiami$29,000.00
Maxine FMiami$25,000.00
Murray JMiami$88,990.00
Samuel HMiami$30,000.00
Yves EMiami$35,000.00
Bertha HMiami Gardens$30,000.00
Delores LMiami Gardens$30,000.00
Delphine MMiami Gardens$30,000.00
Earthel PMiami Gardens$34,000.00
Elijah BMiami Gardens$30,000.00
Erlyne AMiami Gardens$45,000.00
Lloyd GMiami Gardens$30,000.00
Marlayna Kmiami gardens$30,000.00
Mayslet TMiami Gardens$30,000.00
Nickie AMiami Gardens$48,500.00
Rangel AMiami Gardens$30,000.00
Tara DMiami Gardens$30,000.00
Thomas BMiami Gardens$30,000.00
Vera GMiami Gardens$30,000.00
Kadija TMiami Gardens,$30,000.00

In Miramar

Andre LMiramar$30,000.00
Calvin HMiramar$30,000.00
Clovis WMiramar$30,000.00
Detries GMiramar$30,000.00
Georgia GMiramar$56,891.00
Glenda GMiramar$30,000.00
Josette VMiramar$30,000.00
Katrina TMIRAMAR$30,000.00
Leonard JMiramar$30,000.00
Oliver HMiramar$30,000.00
Paulina CMiramar$30,000.00
Rasheed AMiramar$30,000.00
Rodolph MMiramar$30,000.00
Shirley SMiramar$30,000.00
Stephanie JMiramar$30,000.00
Veneta BMiramar$30,000.00

In Lauderdale lakes

Merrinda BLauderdale Lake$15,000.00
Andre BLauderdale Lakes$30,000.00
Chester RLauderdale Lakes$18,000.00
Claudia GLauderdale lakes$22,500.00
Evadney DLauderdale Lakes$30,000.00
Evon WLauderdale Lakes$30,000.00
Flora CLauderdale Lakes$30,000.00
Franco CLauderdale lakes$11,000.00
Jose PLauderdale Lakes$27,500.00
Judy FLauderdale Lakes$6,027.00
Sharon GLauderdale lakes$19,000.00
Sonia DLauderdale lakes$5,000.00
Stephonia BLauderdale Lakes$29,500.00
Tavarus SLauderdale Lakes$90,491.00
Vicki MLauderdale Lakes$30,000.00
Victor CLauderdale Lakes$30,000.00

In Pembroke Pines

Arnulfo MPembroke Pines$30,000.00
Jesus MPembroke Pines$58,753.00
Judith MPembroke Pines$30,000.00
Kathleen APembroke Pines$30,000.00
Mark SPembroke Pines$30,000.00
Ronald RPembroke Pines$30,000.00

In Other Areas

Irene MBoca Raton$23,328.00
Jordana Ccoconut creek$30,000.00
Dionne HCoral Springs$10,000.00
Nelson HCoral Springs$30,000.00
Pazlyn MCORAL SPRINGS$30,000.00
Dana HDania Beach$30,000.00
Wayne DDavie$40,000.00


George CMargate$30,000.00
Harold SMargate$30,000.00
Melanie JMargate$50,000.00
Richard CMargate$30,000.00
Thomas VMargate$49,667.00
Ann-marie CSunrise$30,000.00
Lee BSunrise$30,000.00
Lizeth HSunrise$30,000.00
Rosemarie RSunrise$30,000.00
Arisleda TTamarac$30,000.00
Golam MTamarac$30,000.00
Hyacinth MTamarac$30,000.00
Antonio CWest Park$40,000.00
Brunel BWest Park$30,000.00
William MWest Park$30,000.00

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