Who is Amloss Claim & Arbitration?

Since 2005 we have helped thousands of homeowners and business owners recover millions of dollars above and beyond what their insurance companies originally offered. 

We are experts in insurance policy interpretation, damage estimating and claims dispute resolution. 

Quite simply, we know what your claim is worth and we know how to make the insurance company pay you the correct amount. 

We are so so confident in our ability to secure more money for you that WE ARE ONLY PAID IF WE GET YOU MORE MONEY. 

There are never any fees or charges to you unless we get you more money. 

Cast Iron Pipe Claim If your South Florida home was built before 1975, then you most likely have a cast iron pipe system installed. Cast iron pipes tend to deteriorate & could potentially cost you thousands of dollars in home repairs.

With your outdated plumbing system, your household could experience issues such as:

  • Foul smells from sewer gases
  • Water-stained floor tiles (grout)
  • Loose or broken floor tiles
  • Back-ups into the house

How We Help Many insurance companies deny Cast Iron Plumbing claims by citing the ``Wear and Tear`` exclusion of your policy. However, these denial are the insurance company's interpretation and not necessarily accurate. Over the past 12 years, we have learned that through proper documentation, policy knowledge and hard work, we can get your covered loss paid.

We fight on your behalf & strive to obtain a fair settlement for your property damage.  We don’t get paid unless we recover money for you!

  • No Settlement, No Fee Agreement
  • We Fight For You & Not The Insurance Company
  • Most Claims Settled in As Little as 90 days
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