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Cast Iron Plumbing

A failed or failing cast iron plumbing system can cause substantial damage to your home & wallet.
If your home was built before 1975, you may be entitled to a significant settlement to completely replace outdated, damaged, cast iron plumbing. You may also be entitled to money for renovations associated with the damage.
Our mission at Amloss Claims & Arbitration, LLC is to fight for you the homeowner and recover a fair and equitable settlement for your damaged cast iron pipes.
Often times, insurance companies will deny or underpay cast iron pipe claims by asserting certain exclusions in your policy. Our knowledge and experience turns most “denials” into large settlements and awards.


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    Why Do Cast Iron
    Pipes Fail?

    The most frequent cause of Cast Iron deterioration and failure is corrosion. The most common sources of corrosion are hydrogen sulfide and other acids. Salt and moisture-rich environments like those found in South Florida, can accelerate corrosion. In coastal areas of Florida as well as certain inland areas with high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide, cast iron sewer lines may only last 25 years.
    Other sources of pipe corrosion include:

    What Are The Signs? How Will This effect My Home?

    Damaged cast iron pipes usually display at least one of the following:
    Cast iron pipes can also lower your home value by as much as 20% because homes with this outdated system fail inspection
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