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Amloss Adjusters, appreciate and invite queries on services on roof damage claims. We treat and attend to those claims where services are needed.
Amloss is always available to all clients who are facing tough situations due to uncontrolled circumstances. Amloss works with specialized and experts adjuster, this gives room to identify seriousness in finding evidence and provide a proper representation of policyholders. In a roof damage claim adjuster verify detailing, appraising, and documenting your claims. These are crucial and supportive work while providing a claim and reviewing the claim. In the meantime, the claimer can plan to reconstruct the damaged property. Amloss gives you full support and assurance where a claimer without any doubt goes for refurbishment. At the back end, Amloss adjuster will work on closing and repaying the claim amount.
Roof Damage

Prime points for property owners
before and after Roof damage

You should Hire the Best Public Adjusters Roof Damage having the greatest amount of experience and knowledge needed to obtain the best possible insurance settlement whether it is due to Roof Damage, Water Damage, Storm Damage. Hiring Amloss is the best and most affordable assistance you can receive regarding any Property Damage Claim in the State of Florida. Hiring Amloss is the best and quickest way increase your final claim amount. Amloss always work for you to get maximize your Claim Settlement and helps relieve you the Homeowner of any  doubts or confusion about your Claim Policy or Claim Process. Amloss works for you on your behalf at no upfront charges meaning you will only pay Amloss if Amloss recovers money for you!
Amloss adjusters play important role in the claim process, they stay with you from start to end till your work is not completed. We make sure that we take full care of our clients during stress full situations. Amloss claims will help you and guide you through the process from reporting the claim, documentation of damages, explaining to you what is and what is not covered, and making sure you are treated fairly and paid fairly for all of your damages.
Amloss works day and night as we understand the need of the situation. We not only make win-win situations but satisfaction to our client is the utmost desirable result we ultimately want.
Why choosing Amloss is the only reason for the claimer? Reaching out in dangerous circumstances like Hurricane and Roof Damage, Amloss become the national wide best insurance company for immediate and reliable services.
Our Adjusters are well verse to handle each and every aspect, they will provide seamless and end-to-end services to the claimer. We believe in taking responsibility and finding solutions rather than keeping our client waiting or shifting it to the other insurance company.


Gabriel Escaffi
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Amloss Claims & Arbitration was superb. I called them in March 2022 having cast iron damage at my mother’s house. Mr. Pollock took the case and immediately went to work. Mr. Pollock had the case completed by August 2022, with my mother having her cast iron pipes replaced in her house. Laurie and Angelica Mr. Pollocks assistant’s we’re true Rock Stars during this stressful ordeal. I would definitely recommend this firm to my family and friends.
Joseph Norteus
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I am very happy with my settlement. I will choose amloss for all of my insurance claim needs. When my insurance company denied my claim amloss fought for me and never gave up. Thank u amloss!!
Jennifer Bonnick
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When I had problem with my cast iron pipes I really didn't know what to do, I was told my homeowner insurance wouldn't pay to have the work done. Well a friend had just gotten a notice in the mail from Amloss Claim saying they could help with that problem.
Paris Hooper
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This company helped me throughout the entire process to get my claim settled. I was very satisfied with their service. Thank you Amloss!
Willie Smith
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I am so happy with my experience choosing amloss claims. The customer service is Always impeccable and I am happy with my settlement
Andrea Gray
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Over the years I been here, they have done an excellent job in recovering money for me. The job was done amazing. I was able to fix everything wrong in my home. The staff are great and have so much knowledge. They kept me very updated and detailed and always on time. Amazing communication.
Ashley Yao
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I am so happy that I worked with Amloss. They made the process so easy and kept me informed at every step. Everyone I spoke with was always very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Amloss and would use them again!
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